My First Travel Video

I went on a trip to La Paz Mexico last year and had a bunch of footage from my Cell Phone and Action Cameras however having a bunch of random footage is basically useless. You or anyone else doesn’t want to sit while you scroll through random footage to find the good parts. So for Christmas this year I decided to put together all of the footage into a travel video for my parents. I have dabbled in video editing before but nothing like this.

For this project I used Adobe Premiere Pro. For anyone looking to make a travel video or undertake a larger video editing project that hasn’t previously used Adobe Premiere Pro, I highly recommend watching some tutorial videos about Adobe Premiere Pro on YouTube as they were a game changer for me. The YouTube videos taught me tricks such as organization/ hotkeys/ title sequences that really sped up the whole process of creating this video.

I have learned a lot from this whole process and what I would change next time is:

  • Better organization of my video files
    • Naming
    • Folder Structure
  • What footage to take and how to take better footage
    • B-Roll Footage
    • Getting a gimbal to get stable footage
    • Using a tripod for more filming

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